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Wizards vs. Spurs preview: Meet the NBA's best team

The Wizards hit the road to face a Spurs team that has been dismantling all comers this season.


Let's just say tonight will be a tall order. The San Antonio Spurs are playing as well as anyone in the entire league, and the Washington Wizards haven't won there since Bill Clinton was president. Here's your game preview.

Where and When? Tip off is at 8:30 p.m. at the AT&T Center.

Have they played this year? Yeah. San Antonio destroyed Washington by 26 points at the Verizon Center in late November.

Are They Good? Yup. Best team in the league, in fact, at least according to record. Oklahoma City has a better point differential, but San Antonio has been surging recently, having won their last nine games and 18 of their last 21.

Why Should I Care? Because it's Saturday night, and your plans fell through.

Who's Out? The Spurs will play without Manu Ginobili, but otherwise, Tim Duncan, Matt Bonner and DeJuan Blair will be in the lineup. Bradley Beal is out for Washington. John Wall appears to be in despite hurting his shoulder in Friday's loss to Memphis.

What Are They Good At? Pretty much everything. In particular, their offense is a well-oiled machine. The second your suffer any sort of breakdown, they make you pay. It all starts with the speed of Tony Parker, but the really deadly part is their pristine spacing. The Spurs have great perimeter shooters and folks with high basketball IQs. They know exactly where they're supposed to be on any given situation, and that enables them to pick you apart with their excellent ball movement.

What Are They Bad At? Pretty much nothing. They do turn it over at a surprisingly high rate, but I think that's the consequence of always attacking openings. When you're aggressive and everything you do depends on timing, you'll occasionally cough it up. The good outweighs the bad.

Will the Wizards ever win in San Antonio? The last time the Wizards won a road game against the Spurs was on December 11, 1999. The Wizards' starters that game: Rod Strickland, Mitch Richmond, Michael Smith, Juwan Howard and Isaac Austin. Gar Heard was the head coach. Richmond led the way with 31 and Tracy Murray scored 15 off the bench. Someone named Chucky Brown started for the Spurs. Since then, it's been 12 straight losses in the Alamo City. Chances are, this will be No. 13.

Why is tonight's game especially dire? The Spurs have 11 losses this season. Only one came to a team with a sub-.500 record. The Wizards, as you know, have a sub-.500 record.

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