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NBA trade rumors 2013: More indications that Jordan Crawford is 'available'

We now have another report suggesting that Jordan Crawford is indeed being shopped.


On the heels of Ric Bucher's soft report that Jordan Crawford can be had by any team interested, ESPN's Marc Stein includes the Washington Wizards' guard on his list of young veterans on the trade block:

Veterans who remain available in trade talks this week include San Antonio's DeJuan Blair, Cleveland's Omri Casspi, Charlotte's Ben Gordon, Brooklyn's Kris Humphries, Oklahoma City's Eric Maynor, Minnesota's Luke Ridnour, Phoenix's Sebastian Telfair and Washington's Jordan Crawford.

Crawford has one more year remaining on his rookie contract before he becomes a restricted free agent. He's making just under $1.2 million this year, so unless he's involved in a package for a higher-salaried player or is being dumped for a draft pick, it's going to be hard to find a similar player that matches up.

For those wondering: my official position on dealing Crawford is here, and BF commenter Llamaman's position, articulated nicely in a well-thought-out FanPost, is here.