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Midseason grades: Thank goodness for Martell Webster

Martell Webster may be the most effective free agent the Wizards have acquired in Wizards recent team history.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It's not technically midseason, but with this being the all-star break, we could think of no better time than to issue midseason report cards. In this edition: Martell Webster, who has been a godsend.

STATS: 48 games played. 17.9 minutes, 10.8 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 1.8 assists per game. 14.04 PER (Player Efficiency Rate). 62.2% TS (True Shooting Percentage). 7.6% TRR (Total Rebound Rate). 16.42% USG (Usage Rate).


Martell. Martell, Martell, Martell. What's there to say? You shoot the lights out from three (43.8 percent). You run the break and dunk. You can move the ball. You can defend (after all, you're a big dude). Your contract is dirt cheap (~$1.75mil), and it expires after a year. You're effective on offense and defense, you have a low usage rate, you own a timeshare in the right corner that you sometimes trade for a timeshare in the left corner, AND you don't burden the salary cap?

Also, I'm pretty sure you're the most entertaining locker room personality on the team. You're friendly and playful with everyone, from reporters to trainers to coaches to other players. You're like the one middle sibling with a head on his shoulders that everyone wonders how the hell you wound up being from the same gene pool as everyone else in the family.

So here's my question for you, Martell Webster. Seriously, what are you? A genie?


Honestly, the only bad thing I can think of with Webster is what to do with him after the season ends. There's no question that he's been integral to the Wizards offense by finally giving Wall a reliable shooter on the wings. But he's on a one year deal at or near the league minimum. This is the contract year to end all contract years, right? How much money do the Wizards give him? Is he playing here because he wants to showcase himself for more money and a better situation? Is he worth the mid-level? Is he worth the mini-mid-level? Will this team revert back to poor shooting without him? I'm confident that Trevor Ariza could sop up most of his minutes (with Chris Singleton filling in for Ariza), but I don't trust Ariza or Singleton to shoot as accurately or make as quick of decisions as Webster.

So there's the bad: how much is Martell Webster worth to the future success of the Wizards? Too low and you insult and scare him out of town. Too high and you ruin the cap for a potential trade or free agent signing (this assumes free agents feel Washington is no longer a repellant place to play). Trade him in a package deal at the deadline and hope he re-signs next year? This is a tricky situation.


Not applicable at this time. Please see players further down the depth chart.


More of the same. More and more and more and more of the same. Webster's been consistent all year, and I'd like to think he's going to continue to work out very well for the team. He's plays really well off Wall (I mean, who freakin' doesnt?), and I imagine their relationship will improve even more as the season continues. BRING ON THE SECOND HALF.

How would you rate Webster's season on a scale of 1-10, and what would you like to see from him in the second half of the season?