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NBA trade rumors: Wizards in on Josh Smith, but don't want to give up top assets

Another report suggests the Wizards are one of several teams trying to trade for Josh Smith, but they've reportedly taken their three best players/assets off the table.


With time ticking away before Thursday's trade deadline, we have more indications that the Washington Wizards are one of many teams that are trying to trade for Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith. Via ESPN's Chris Broussard:

This is one of the more hilarious tweets you'll see. Translated, it means: "Wizards want All-Star-caliber player, but are only willing to give up spare parts on a 15-36 team to acquire him." Not that they should adopt a different stance with Smith, since he's an impending free agent, but it shouldn't really take a ton of sourcing to figure out that Wall, Beal and Nene won't be going anywhere this year.

I guess Nene's inclusion on that list should surprise some, but not me. Ever since trading for him, the Wizards have talked extensively about his importance to the team, both on and off the court. Within the context of this roster and this organization's stated goals, Nene won't be traded. Within another context, it'd be totally different.

Otherwise, buckle up. We probably haven't heard the last of the Wizards and Smith.