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NBA trade rumors 2013: Wizards in the Josh Smith sweepstakes?

Are the Wizards an actual player in the Josh Smith sweepstakes? One report suggests they are at least doing their due dilligence.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Outside of Dwight Howard, Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks is arguably the biggest name that will potentially switch destinations prior to Thursday's trade deadline. The talented forward has been with Atlanta for the past eight and a half years, but he's an impending free agent, and the Hawks are reportedly scared of meeting his asking price. Therefore, the Hawks have reportedly let it be known that they are willing to move Smith for the right price.

Unsurprisingly, there have been a number of suitors. Does that list include the Washington Wizards? Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski suggests it does.

That's a long list of teams, and it doesn't include the Spurs or Suns, both of whom have been rumored to be in on Smith as well. If the Wizards are indeed in on Smith, it sounds like they are very much on the periphery.

Which is how it should be, I think. Smith certainly brings a lot to the table, but with him being an impending free agent that's looking for a big contract one year (or less) before a decision needs to be made on John Wall, he certainly doesn't fit the salary timeline. Smith brings a lot as a defender, low-post scorer and high-post passer, but he also takes away plenty with poor shot selection and slow decisions. One of the main things that turned me off to Smith recently was something he told Grantland's Zach Lowe earlier in the season:

And Smith rarely catches the ball rolling to the hoop on the pick-and-roll; he took only 85 shots out of the pick-and-roll all last season, a low number for such a skilled big, and most of those were jumpers, per Synergy Sports. "That's just how I work," Smith says. "I like to catch the ball before I get into the paint, so I can see where the defense is and make the right play."

This inability to function as a roller to the rim relegates him too often to the high post, where his jump-shooting tendencies kick in. On the right team, Smith is valuable. On this team, with Nene being so solid as a post scorer and hub of the offense, I'm not so sure. And I certainly don't want to pay a five-year max contract, which is what Smith is reportedly seeking, to find out.

But that's me. Is there a Smith trade scenario you guys see that would dramatically improve this team?