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John Wall says he's the fastest in the league with the ball in his hands

John Wall talks injuries, puppies, and being the fastest in the NBA with ESPN TrueHoop's Henry Abbott.

Screencap from @TruehoopTV

Even though John Wall isn't participating in any All-Star events, he's still down in Houston for the camaraderie and the whole All-Star hullabaloo. Did I just say "hullabaloo?" Yes, I think I did.

It just so happens that the TrueHoop man himself, Henry Abbott, had a little sitdown with Wall and got to ask him some questions. The talked for a few minutes about a bunch of things.

First things first,Wall's got two new puppies! Their names are Thunder and Storm. Abbott teased him about giving one the same name as a rival NBA team, but he also appreciated the symmetry of the two weather-related names.

Abbott also asked Wall about his recent injury and how it has been to come back from it.

HA: You love to dunk, you love to drive. Injury risks are higher on those kinds of plays. How do you decide when it's time to do that and when it's time to play it safe?

JW: With my athleticism and my speed, going to the basket you've try to be explosive. And sometimes you don't get the calls if you don't try to dunk on bigger guys. So I try to pick and choose my times.

Wall also talked about not holding back after his recent injury, and he admits it may not be the smartest move.

But possibly the most controversial thing Wall talked about was his speed. Abbott asked Wall to hypothetically create a roster (on the spot, mind you) of the fastest players in the league with the ball in their hands. Wall listed himself, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, and Russell Westbrook. Critics might want to add Ty Lawson, Tony Parker, and Rajon Rondo to the list, but it didn't seem like he had more than about 3 seconds to think of the answers to this question. Wall also weirdly admitted that he's much slower without the ball than with the ball. I'm not quite sure how that's possible, but Wall wasn't sure either.

You should head over to TrueHoopTV and watch the whole video. And stick around for the anecdote about Wall's sleep-induced growth spurts.

At any rate, it's nice to see Wall up and around, getting facetime with a national audience, and smiling. Oh and for what it's worth, once his conditioning gets back to normal, I feel confident that he's the fastest in the league with the ball in his hands.