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Bradley Beal acquits himself well in 2013 Rising Stars Challenge

Bradley Beal, as expected, mostly faded into the background in the 2013 Rising Stars Challenge, but several came away impressed with his game.


An all-star game like the 2013 Rising Stars Challenge is never going to be the best showcase of Bradley Beal's skills. Known as a team-oriented player that thrives playing off others, Beal's game is pretty out of place in a one-on-one showcase like this. Nevertheless, he did make his mark on the game where he could, finishing with 12 points, four assists and two steals to help Team Chuck to a 163-135 victory.

Beal got most of his points late in the second quarter, when he teamed with Ricky Rubio to cement Team Chuck's big halftime lead. He had two dunks in the game, but his best highlight probably came here when he cut to the hoop and received a beautiful bounce pass from Rubio for the layup. Beal ended up being largely invisible in the second half, though, scoring only on a wide-open three late in the game.

Still, Beal did enough to show he belonged. Throughout the first half, TNT's Mike Fratello and Chris Webber couldn't stop raving about his effort and poise, even in an exhibition game. More importantly, this nugget from SI's Ben Golliver intrigued me.

No Anthony Davis or Andre Drummond there. Interesting.

Regardless, this was never going to be Beal's true showcase. That happens in real games when the score actually matters. As long as he didn't jeopardize people's hopes to keep improving in those contests, he succeeded by me.