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Bradley Beal to come off the bench against Detroit Pistons

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The rookie scored 28 points Monday against the Milwaukee Bucks, but Randy Wittman isn't looking to disrupt the flow of a team riding a four-game winning streak.


Yesterday the BF editors debated what the Washington Wizards should do with Jordan Crawford now that he's found himself locked away in Coach Randy Wittman's doghouse. A parallel discussion concerned when Bradley Beal, who scored 28 points off the bench Monday against the Mailwaukee Bucks, should be reinserted into the starting lineup. The consensus seemed to be that Beal is ready now, but that there isn't necessarily a rush to put him back out there with the starters.

Evidently, Wittman agrees. Per Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Wittman sees little reason to alter the starting lineup one game before the All-Star break with the team riding a four-game winning streak. When asked whether Beal would again come off the bench tonight against the Detroit Pistons, Wittman answered:

"Probably, then we'll obviously look," Wittman said. "We're playing on a good roll right now, a good rhythm and that always changes. I tell all these guys, you always have to be ready. At a certain point, something is going to change again. I'm going to change something again."

Beal, for one, said he doesn't mind coming off the bench, and really, the 36 minutes he played against the Bucks is about the same amount he'd play as a starter anyway.

"I'm fine with the position I'm in," Beal said. "Coming off the bench and doing whatever coach wants to do. Because I'm fine with it. I'm going to bring the same energy as if I was starting. It's really no big difference."