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Watch Bradley Beal torch the Bucks

Video of all 28 of Bradley Beal's points against Milwaukee on Monday night.

In case you missed Bradley Beal scoring at will against the Milwaukee Bucks in a 102-90 Wizards win last night, YouTube user Dawk Ins has you covered. Here is video of all 28 of Beal's points, as well as a couple assists and his chasedown block of Brandon Jennings.

What strikes me watching this is just how diverse Beal's game really is. You see him making spot-up threes, of course, but you also see him curling off screens, getting layups in transition, hitting floaters and -- my personal favorite -- using an escape dribble to free himself from a closing-out defender. Fast forward to the 2:25 mark to see that play.

First, look at how he notices the defender will attempt to close out quickly on him.


Better yet: not only does he know to attack, but he also knows to do so going right. He knows by now that Monta Ellis will run out at him at that angle, so he's already prepared to get by him.


Finally, look how much ground he covers with just one step and dribble.


That, folks, is an elite skill, and it'll help him when he wants to go all the way to the rim.