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John Wall injury: Wizards' star returns to game

Despite appearing to be in tremendous pain, John Wall has returned to the game against the Memphis Grizzlies after injuring his left shoulder midway through the second quarter. Wall surged down the lane on a drive and got hit by Ed Davis, causing him to lay in pain on the ground. His return had been questionable, but Wall ended up starting the second half.

This is obviously a huge sigh of relief, as it initially looked like Wall might have separated his shoulder on the play. One has to hope that Wall doesn't reaggravate the injury running through a screen or driving to the basket, but assuming that doesn't happen, it looks like the Wizards have dodged a major, major bullet.

Wall's first couple of possessions indicated that he wasn't hurt too badly. He hit a jump shot on the Wizards' first play, then absorbed a bump from Mike Conley in transition without being hurt.