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Wizards Wrap: Some new Friday Steez

Here's a week's worth of quality Washington Wizards reads that you may have missed.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, we're going to try something new here and see how it goes. As you've likely noticed, we've recently forgone our daily "Links" posts in favor of "Recap roundups" following games and quick-hitting "Bullet points" news updates after non-gamedays. Feedback has been mostly positive, but there have been some of you who have commented that you miss you daily dose of links.

In response, beginning today, we'll have a recurring post each Friday of quality Wizards- and NBA-related reads tentatively known as "Wizards Wrap." Whereas the "Links" posts aimed to be a daily roundup of anything-and-everything Wizards, no matter how mundane, in "Wizards Wrap" we'll instead provide links to the previous week's worth of features, analysis, and otherwise noteworthy, bizarre or hilarious reads that all-to-often ended up buried beneath the day's breaking news in our "Links" posts.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and if you have suggestions for a better name than our working title of "Wizards Wrap," please share it. Also, if you come across anything interesting while prowling the depths of the internet that you believe belongs in these posts, don't hesitate to let us know either in the comments or on Twitter (I'm at @NewmanReport, by the way). So without further ado:

  • What better way to kick off the first Wizards Wrap than with an exquisitely insane "dharma" from our favorite acid-trippers, Wizznutz. [Mr. Irrelevant]
  • In Memphis to play the Grizzlies, the Wizards took a trip to nearby St. Jude's Children's Hospital and inevitably gained a little perspective. Good stuff. [Wizards Insider | | Interviews (Okafor, Wall & Webster)]
  • Consecutive losses to the Kings and 76ers sting, but it could get a lot worse quick for the Wizards with their next two games on the road against the Grizzlies (tonight) and Spurs (tomorrow), followed by three home contests against the Clippers, Knicks and Nets. [Washington Examiner]
  • With the team 7-5 in its last 12 games, is now the time to fire Randy Wittman? [Wiz of Awes]
  • Gilbert Arenas, Time Traveler. [Mr. Irrelevant]
  • Check out this Q&A with Jordan Crawford for your daily helping of Steez. [SLAM]
  • #LeaguePassAlert: Notwithstanding their last two games, the Wizards might suddenly be worth watching. [The Basketball Jones]
  • For anyone who missed or skipped over Michael Lee's catching-up party with Nick Young, go back and read up on how Swaggy P's doing in Philly. [Wizards Insider]
  • An argument for why Wizards' fans should want Ted to have his own TV network. And preferably name it Ted TV. [Blog So Hard Sports]
  • Halfway through the season, how do the Wiz grade out at center? [CSN Washington]
  • Yea yea, I included this at the bottom of a post on Wednesday, but here again in all its glory is Kyle O'Quinn pelting Andray Blatche in the face with a basketball. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Does the Rudy Gay trade signal the end of the super team? [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Tomzilla don't think so. [SB Nation]
  • Somewhat breaking: Billy Hunter has been suspended as executive director of the NBA players' union. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The Suns want a star,so naturally they're going after...Josh Smith?? [HoopsWorld]
  • Damnit Kings, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!! [SI]
  • What happens when Chuck Klosterman and Royce White sit down for a meal and a chat? Why, a dissertation on the ails of capitalism and pervasive nature of mental illness, that's what. Also, Royce White thinks you're crazy. [Grantland]
  • Remember when no one wanted their team to take a chance on Andre Drummond, and then Joe Dumars did, because of course Joe Dumars did? Turned out to be a pretty wise selection. [ESPN In$ider]
  • Nick Van Exel's kid has been convicted of murder. [AP]
  • UPDATE: Fresh off the presses, a really comprehensive (and good) look at how Wall helps the Wizards' offense. [HoopChalk]