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Bradley Beal injury update: Wizards' G cleared to 'increase basketball activities'

Sounds like Beal's injured leg is progressing.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Some good injury news, I think: Bradley Beal's stress injury showed improvement, and he can begin to ramp up his activity and prepare for a return to the court, the team announced.

Wizards guard Bradley Beal has been cleared to increase basketball activities after a follow-up MRI exam showed improvement in the stress injury to his right fibula.

A timetable for his return is still unclear, but J Michael of CSN Washington suggests we probably won't see Beal until next week at the earliest.

It was the first in a series of tests before he can be cleared to return. That likely means seeing Beal later this week at the Atlanta Hawks or vs. the Los Angeles Clippers isn't likely.

It's been two weeks since the initial Beal injury was announced, which is right on schedule from what the team initially announced. Hopefully he'll return to the court soon.

There is also bad injury news on Al Harrington. Here's more info on that.