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Gilbert Arenas praises John Wall and says he's "teamwiz4life" on Instagram

After nearly three years of silence on the subject, the former All-Star opens up about how he feels about his former team.

Rafael Suanes - USA Today Sports

With the way the Gilbert Arenas era ended in Washington (gun gate, the banner removalthe weird beard when he had when he returned from his suspensionthe time he faked an injury to get Nick Young more playing time, etc.) you can understand why he wouldn't be all that eager to talk about his final days in Washington. However, now it looks like he's ready to talk, and thankfully, he's not dwelling on the way things ended, according to his Instagram page (HT: @ConorDDirks):

With the picture, he wrote the following comment:

If u don't let go of ur past u will never live in the present some of us are stuck on things that happened 2,6,even 10yrs ago and the ppl u were around have moved on while ur still dwelling on the past #letgo #mines(felt the locker room story got flipped and made worst then what it really was)5yrs later i can say I'm teamwiz4life

That, coupled with another recent Instagram video of his old home in Great Falls (which is no longer on the market) has to make you wonder if he's ready to settle back down in the DMV.

Arenas also said the following about John Wall, with whom he briefly played in his final season in Washington:

thx lil bro @john_wall thx for believing in me and asking for help before games and after..#allstar (if u believe u can't be stopped then u won't ..only u can stop u)

"Only u can stop u" might be the best #WizardsSlogan we've seen to date. It's most certainly the title we'd use if we ever wrote a biography on Gilbert Arenas.