Beal as the new Harden: Have him come off the bench?

Despite the fact that Beal is our second best player, there seem to be a couple good reasons to consider bringing Beal off the bench when he gets back from injury.

1. Can help facilitate with the bench unit. The bench obviously needs help creating scoring chances, and Beal is better suited to do this than Webster is. Additionally it has been mentioned that Beal needs to get opportunities to develop his iso and pick and roll game, so this would give him extra opportunity. A second unit with Beal, Nene/Gortat staying on, and Otto might actually be palatable.

2. Can get the most out of Webster and the present productive starting unit. The starting unit is humming along right now, and Webster has proven that he is much better with Wall than without him. This is hardly unique to Webster but his splits between starting and not are severe.

3. Can help limit Beal's minutes. This would be the easiest way to insure that Beal is not playing 40 minutes a game. He could still close out the 4th and play somewhere in the low 30's if we wanted.

I can also think of two good reasons not to.

1. He was pretty damn good as a starter before he got injured.

2. Developing chemistry between he and Wall may be the single most important thing we can accomplish this season, and it is harder to accomplish if he is not starting.

And it doesn't have to be all one or the other. We can still accomplish points 1 and 3 even if Beal is starting by staggering his minutes. But it is worth considering, especially as a short term fix while the bench is struggling. If Harden can do it, why can't Beal?

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