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Otto Porter injury update: Wizards' F says he's not sure about playing Friday

Otto Porter may have to perform well in Thursday's practice to be declared ready to play Friday against Milwaukee.


The good news: Otto Porter participated fully in practice on Wednesday, a major development. From the sounds of it, he got through pretty well too.

The lukewarm news: that might still not be enough for him to play Friday against the Bucks. Here's what he had to say after today's practice.

So, we'll see. Randy Wittman implied that he has to respond well to a second straight practice tomorrow to have a chance to play limited minutes on Friday. Via J Michael of CSN Washington:

"I liked what I saw today. At the end, he got winded," Wittman said. "That's going to be expected. It'll be interesting to see what kind of bounce he's got coming in tomorrow on a back-to-back (practice). Like I told you with Chris, it's kind of a feel. He's not going to come in and play 30 minutes. We're going to ease him in."

(As an aside: I don't know why it constantly needs to be mentioned that Otto isn't coming in to be a savior and that there's plenty of veteran depth at his position. We know that, and many of us are fine with that. If it's just pandering to unrealistic fans, that's one thing, but the repeated reminders in multiple stories make me wonder if the organization is setting expectations too low for their No. 3 pick. He's still supposed to be a difference maker eventually).

Truth is, it doesn't really matter to me which game he first plays. The Wizards should beat Milwaukee at home with or without him. If it takes an extra few days, so be it, as long as those days are being used productively.

Also, there was this.

Marcin: always honest.