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Wizards Wrap: Washington can't get no respect

Whether it's John Wall getting gipped in the All Star voting, or having their one primetime game taken away, it's been a demeaning holiday week for the Washington Wizards.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a pretty slow week for the Washington Wizards on the court, as the team hasn't played since Saturday, when it picked up a 106-99 road win over the Celtics, but there's still been plenty of Wiz-related news, especially of the "not getting their due" variety:

  • John Wall is trailing Kyrie Irving in All-Star votes by an even wider margin then he was a couple weeks ago, when the first round of stupid results was released. Fans are dumb. [BFCSN Washington]
  • Continuing with the "Wizards as Rodney Dangerfield" theme, Washington had one nationally-televised game scheduled for the entire season, but not anymore, after ESPN decided to drop the Wizards' Feb. 7 matchup against the Cavaliers in lieu of Blazers-Pacers, which admittedly is a much better game. Still, we can't get no respect. [Wizards InsiderCSN Washington]
  • Then again, the Wiz are climbing in various power rankings, which now have them as a league-average club. Hey, not terrible! [ESPNHollingerWiz of AwesSir Charles In Charge]
  • BREAKING NEWS: The Wizards are better when they pass the ball.
  • Sounds like Randy Wittman reads BF after all, as I'm sure his recent comments that Nene could continue coming off the bench were totally influenced by our stance that such an arrangement was a good idea. [BFWashington PostCSN Washington]
  • One reason it's a good idea is how much better the bench has been with both Nene and Martell Webstercoming off it. [CSN WashingtonWiz of Awes]
  • The Wizards will try to make it four in a row on the road and get back to .500 tonight against theTimberwolves. [CSN WashingtonAPTruth About ItWizards.comDaily Wizdom]
  • It already seems like awhile ago, but the Wizards got their season back on track beginning Nov. 19 with a 104-100 home win over the T-Wolves. [CSN Washington]
  • A win tonight and in Detroit a few days from now would give the Wizards eight road wins before January. They had nine all last season. [CSN WashingtonWiz of AwesTed's TakeDaily Wizdom]
  • You all got some sweet Wizards gear for Christmas.
  • Being that they're rather well-paid, the Wizards themselves weren't expecting to receive much on Christmas. [Wizards Insider]
  • Well, except for some much-needed time off to spend with family and (for some) recuperate from injury. [Washington PostCSN Washington]
  • Oh, and Wall would like to play on Christmas sometime. [CSN Washington]
  • People are starting to notice Wall's improvements on the defensive end. [Umair's breakdownWashington PostCSN Washington]
  • Marcin Gortat hasn't been shooting the best as of late, but he's still setting some wicked screens. [CSN Washington]
  • Gortat is still confident in his team's ceiling, but he might be done making 50-win predictions. [CSN Washington]
  • Interesting FanPost on the merits of sending Otto Porter to the D-League.
  • A D-League assignment seems pretty unlikely though, especially considering that Porter actually received some meaningful minutes against the Celtics. [Wizards InsiderCSN WashingtonWiz of Awes]
  • Wittman questioned his team's leadership earlier this month, but not after three straight road wins. [CSN Washington]
  • Those three road wins have features some pretty good Wizards defense down the stretch. [CSN Washington]
  • As if you needed any more reason to go to tomorrow's game against the Pistons, it's Nene bobblehead night!! [DC Sports BogCSN Washington]
  • Does the Eric Maynor signing rank among the offseason's worst moves? [ESPN In$iderHoops Habit]
  • After appearing to have fallen out of the rotation completely, Kevin Seraphin has recently been one of the Wizards better bench players. [CSN Washington]
  • If you haven't seen the GIFs/video of Wall photobombing Webster's photobomb of Trevor Ariza's postgame interview following last week's win over the Celtics, a) where have you been, and b) you really must, immediately. [BFDC Sports BogCSN WashingtonTruth About It]
  • Speaking of the Celtics game, Jordan Crawford admitted before it that he might not have exactly handled the end of his tenure with the Wizards in the most professional manner. [BFBoston Herald]
  • Wall didn't have much trouble taking Crawford out of his game. [Wizards Insider]
  • Meanwhile, Ariza carried the Wizards offensively en route to a comeback win. [Wizards Insider]
  • Ariza is the Wizards' lone solid trade chip. But is he too important to the team to even consider trading? [Wiz of Awes]
  • The latest edition of "MarTELL It Like It Is" features Webster singing Christmas carols, and the world is a better place. [CSN Washington]
  • Wall often drives to the hoop looking for a foul, which might not be the best strategy at the end of games, when refs tend to swallow their whistles. [CSN Washington]
  • Nick Young is enjoying his time playing home in L.A. [Wizards Insider]
  • The good people over at Blazer's Edge, SB Nation's Trailblazers blog, are hoping to send 1,000 underprivileged youth to the team's March 20 game against the Wizards. Cool stuff.
  • Wall is happy to see Eric Bledsoe having a breakout season for the Suns. [CSN Washington]