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NBA All-Star 2014 voting: John Wall still well behind Kyrie Irving

Here's the latest batch of All-Star vote counts.

Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently we need to do more lobbying, for John Wall's deficit to Kyrie Irving in the quest to be voted in as an All-Star starter has widened. Here are the latest vote counts for the backcourt, as released by the NBA.

  1. Dwyane Wade: 565,455
  2. Kyrie Irving: 524,000
  3. Derrick Rose: 299,950
  4. John Wall: 210,988
  5. Ray Allen: 143,714
  6. Rajon Rondo: 111,355
  7. Deron Williams: 74,047
  8. George Hill: 66,030
  9. Lance Stephenson: 50,444
  10. DeMar DeRozan: 48,744
Last time we did this, Wall trailed Irving by over 240,000 votes. This time, the deficit is over 313,000 votes. Irving has improved himself since the first round of balloting, but Wall's still generally playing well.

Reminder: you can vote for the All-Star starters online by going here or by tying John Wall's name on Twitter with the #NBABallot hashtag.