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Nene, Bradley Beal likely to stay on minutes limit for now

Neither practiced Friday and both will be monitored in the near future.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

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At one point after the Nets game, Wizards coach Randy Wittman joked that he's had to use a calculator on the sidelines to come up with minute combinations for Nene and Bradley Beal as they recover from injuries. It appears he'll likely need to do so for a little while longer, based on this CSN Washington report.

"When you're limited with minutes its sometimes hard to function, to put these guys in position where they're not having to sit out long periods of time, to make sure they're on the floor at the end of the games in the right situation," Wittman said Friday when asked about Nene's role. "Right now, we will (wait) until we can get these guys back into their form and get more minutes."

Beal and Nene didn't practice today, as the Wizards took a one-day detour back home to D.C. after leaving New York and before flying to Boston for tomorrow afternoon's game. That appears precautionary, though, and it goes along with our suggestion that the Wizards monitor their wear and tear outside of games in addition to during games.

It also sounds like Nene will be coming off the bench again. This was an arrangement that worked beautifully in Brooklyn: Trevor Booker stepped up with a big game, and Nene's presence helped stabilize the second unit and provided the first team with the necessary jolt to stop Net runs. It's only one game, but this might be a good thing for Wittman to consider beyond this current stretch. It'll keep Nene fresh and it'll balance the Wizards' lineups so they aren't giving up so much when their bench is in. Nene will be in at the end of the game anyway, so it doesn't matter too much if he starts.

Just a thought.