Randy Wittman on the Gortat situation


I don't know if it was a translation thing, but I talked to him, and what was written and what he said, he said they were two different things. Listen, every player goes through ups and downs of play. Marcin's going through a little bit of a period of downs. That correlates to Nene not being beside him, that plays an important role. When he was playing, in the game against New York, he had 17 points and 16 rebounds doing the same thing [as he has been doing]. He was playing well. I just think sometimes, when you go through a bad spell, you kind of point fingers somewhere. There's no question that he knows what his role is, and all those guys do. That's just what happens sometimes.

Randy Wittman responding to Marcin Gortat's comments about wanting the ball inside more. For the record, Gortat tweeted that the stories were "BS."