How about Durant AND Love?

Hey everyone. I don't comment all that much but I'm on the site daily and read the articles and comments. Don't think I have seen too much about it but what about getting Durant and Love. I'm in the camp that thinks we can get Durant in 2016. Some people have said that if we can get Love in 2015 then we have to do it. Why not Both? If we can get love in 2015, we should have enough money to get Durant in 2016 assuming we part ways with Beal. Now I love me some Beal, and he can be a top3 SG, but I think a Wall, Durant, Love big three takes us farther. Plus we could do a sign and Trade with OKC as they could get Beal instead of possibly losing Durant for nothing. Now I know we would have factor in picks and others towards the salary and I haven't done in-depth research in salary but Wall would be making about 15 mil, Love like 16 to 17 and Durant 22. So somewhere around 54 million. Hopefully we would have some decent pieces at the time and we probably couldn't do too much but vets on cheap contracts but players would want to come here.

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