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John Wall well behind Kyrie Irving in first NBA All-Star Game fan voting

This should go over well.


Remember our preseason decree to fight for national attention when merited? It might be time to act on that.

The first round of NBA All-Star fan balloting is out, and here are your results for Eastern Conference guards:

  1. Dwyane Wade: 396,279 votes
  2. Kyrie Irving: 365,712 votes
  3. Derrick Rose: 272,410 votes
  4. JOHN WALL: 124,581 votes
  5. Ray Allen: 99,464 votes
  6. Rajon Rondo: 80,889 votes
  7. Deron Williams: 44,282 votes
  8. George Hill: 42,536 votes
  9. Evan Turner: 33,605 votes
  10. Mario Chalmers: 32,996 votes

That's right. John Wall is having a much better season than Kyrie Irving thus far, and yet has less than half the votes to be an All-Star starter.

We can whine, sure. But we can also do something about it by ... voting. Click here and fill in John Wall's name on your ballot, or hashtag #NBABallot on Twitter and type in John Wall's name. Try doing it as many days as you can. Together, we can do this.