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Bullets Forever turns 7: Celebrating with our greatest hits

Seven years ago today, a college kid decided to start "a site for Wizards news, commentary, and critical analysis." Now, here we are.

On December 11, 2006, a guy on the Internet who went by the pseudonym of "Pradamaster" took a web log he had been hosting on Blogspot and moved it to SB Nation, where it would be known as Bullets Forever. In his first post for the site, "Pradamaster" laid out his goal for the site:

First off, this is a site for Wizards news, commentary, and critical analysis. This isn't just going to be a running blog of Gilbert Arenas' antics. I love Agent Zero as much as anyone, but too many blogs have cornered the market on his antics. While I'm sure some posts here will be devoted to this subject, it's hardly the main focus. Instead, this blog is going to be your one-stop shop for everything Wizards. Anything goes here, but most of the focus will be on the team's on-court performance

Most importantly, I really want to create a community atmosphere here. As you can see, the new setup gives you the readers plenty of places to actively participate in the community. All you need to do to create an account is to provide an e-mail address. Once that happens, you can easily comment on main posts and create diaries of your own. These features allow every topic presented here to be an ongoing discussion, and my hope is that we can together create a comfortable community for Wizards fans everywhere.

Finally, the layout is really sweet. You gotta love that logo on the top.

(Note: That last paragraph was written before sarcasm became such a powerful tool on the Internet. "Pradamaster" really did love that logo on the top.)

Hopefully, if you're reading this today, it means that "Pradamaster" was successful in executing that vision. To celebrate, here's some of our favorite posts from over the years:

What are some of your favorite pieces from us over the years?