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Nets vs. Wizards Magical Pixels: Be still, my heart

That was a wild game. We recap it with Magical Pixels.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to comprehend everything that happened in the Wizards' 112-108 overtime win over the Brooklyn Nets on Friday. Here's my best attempt to be Jeff in Magical Pixels.

But first, let's get ready for this game properly:

Things ... did not go well early.

About the only source of amusement was our favorite whipping boy.

Thank god for the three-point shooting and other random contributions from the bench, or this would have been much worse.

Things eventually started going bad again, and it took another late rally to make the score respectable at halftime.

But luckily, there was the whipping boy again.

The beginning of the third quarter was quite nice.

Sadly, things began to fall apart again when Reggie Evans and Alan Anderson checked in and started doing their things.

The lead kept swelling, and where was Gortat??

But once he came back in, it was Nene's time to save the day.

And then KG hit a jumper and Wittman called a timeout instead of letting Wall go to the bucket. Things got hairy, and then Wall ad-libbed a spin move and got to the rim, letting Nene clean up the miss. OVERTIME.

And OT started off nicely.

But then the Nets came back, which led to this ...

And finally, mercifully, it was over.

Here are your recaps.

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