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VIDEO: Wizards set a team record making 18 three pointers in win over Sixers

After a dismal outing from beyond the arc in their home opener, the Wizards rebounded against the Sixers with the best three-point shooting performance in team history, making 18 of their 33 attempts.

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Given the way that NBA has emphasized three pointers (last year saw a record amount of threes attempted around the league) it was inevitable that the Wizards' record for most threes made in a game was going to fall at some point. That said, we shouldn't be quick to dismiss last night's performance, for a few reasons.

  • Six different Wizards contributed to the record breaking effort: Eric Maynor (1), Al Harrington (2), Bradley Beal (3), Trevor Ariza (3), Martell Webster (4) and John Wall (5, a career high).
  • Before last night's game, John Wall had never made more than 3 threes in a game.
  • 16 of the team's 18 threes were assisted. Even Kevin Seraphin assisted on a three in the win.
  • If you take away the threes, the Wizards only shot 38 percent from the field last night. So without those threes, we're probably talking about how the Wizards are 0-4 right now.

Here's the Wizards shot chart on threes from last night, via @ESPNStatsInfo:

The old record was set in 2008, when the Wizards made 17 threes in a overtime loss to the Lakers, the last of which was made by Caron Butler in dramatic fashion. Remarkably enough, the Wizards actually finished 29th in three point percentage that season, but found a way to make it click against that year's eventual champs. Since then, the Wizards struggles with finding good marksmen from deep has been well noted here and elsewhere, but finally, the Wizards have a squad that can force teams to guard the perimeter.