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Nene injury: Wizards' big man says he'll play vs. 76ers

At least that's what he says for now.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, everyone: Nene says he'll be in the lineup when the Wizards take on the 76ers Wednesday night.

We've seen weird things happen with Nene's injury status prior to gametime, so I wouldn't go ahead and write his name in permanent marker on your metaphorical NBA game scorecards that don't exist. (Imagine what those would look like). But this is definitely a good sign.

The more interesting question: will Nene start? The Wizards did not play Nene and Marcin Gortat much in last Tuesday's opener against the Detroit Pistons, but given Nene's desire to not play center, one would think that'll change on Wednesday night now that Gortat has some practices and games with his new team. Otherwise, why get Gortat in that trade?

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