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Nene injury update: Wizards' big man practices Tuesday, could play Wednesday

The injured Wizards big man might suit up on Wednesday after going full in practice Tuesday.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It's about time for some good health news. Nene, who has been dealing with a calf, Achilles tendon and myriad other nagging ailments this season, practiced Tuesday and could play in Wednesday's game against THE MIGHTY SIXERS.

Plenty are frustrated with Nene's situation because it often appears that he's nursing minor injuries. (That's his reputation, at least). I understand that. But I hate being in the business of telling someone else whose pain I can't feel how they should proceed with whatever ailment they have. Everyone's bodies react differently to all sorts of different issues, and without knowing Nene's pain, I can't tell him how to proceed.

Frustration at the situation? Of course. This is hurting the Wizards on the court. Frustration that the Wizards traded for Nene when these nagging ailments had already started and when he still had the full five years left on his massive deal? Of course. Frustration that, given all that, the Wizards still somehow have no legitimate backups? Of course. It's when frustration gets directed Nene's way that I think we enter a dangerous territory.

Anyway, let's hope he plays and gets over whatever is bothering him.

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