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Randy Wittman fined $20k for cursing in postgame press conference

It's been a rough week for Randy.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As if life couldn't get any worse for Randy Wittman, his anger during Friday's postgame press conference after a loss to the 76ers is costing him a whole lot of money. Twenty-thousand dollars for cursing, to be exact, according to the league.

This is the quote that got Wittman in trouble with the league. From Thomas' recap:

"Well, you tell me what you thought the problem was. You watched the game. Commitment to f****** playing defense. It's what it is," he said. It's what it boils down to, all right? It's a thing our guys haven't learned and I've got to figure out a way."

Don't worry. Friend of the site Kevin Broom has taken care of the gallows humor for you:

(Seriously, $20K for dropping the F bomb? If my office worked like that, I'd be homeless).

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