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Bradley Beal may have reinjured his leg, according to reports


Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Beal has been experiencing soreness in the same right leg that he hurt near the end of last season and may have reinjured it, according to multiple reports. This is where we're at with these right now.

That's what we know right now. Obviously, if these are true, this would be a huge concern and would really put a damper on the team's decent play of late. It would also make it easy to second-guess the amount of minutes (40.2 per game, tops in the NBA) and the intensity of said minutes (Beal is traveling the most miles per game and is fourth in total miles traveled, according to's public SportVU tracking data).

We'll update as we learn more. God I hope this isn't serious.

UPDATE: From J Michael's story:

The Wizards confirmed late Monday night that Beal began complaining about soreness in his lower right leg, where he had a stress injury to fibula that prematurely ended is rookie season in April.


He had an MRI and the results will be known Tuesday, before the Wizards play the Los Angeles Lakers at Verizon Center.

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