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Otto Porter, Trevor Ariza and Chris Singleton return to practice

For the first time since Summer League, the Wizards first-round pick returned to practice on Monday and brought a couple of his teammates with him.


On a day with so much depressing injury news around the NBA, it's pretty great to see the Wizards buck the trend and have some positive news regarding some of their injured players. Let's start with the best news of the day, straight from the team's Instagram account:

That's Otto Porter, on a basketball court; a sight we haven't seen since July when he was playing in the Vegas Summer League. While there's still no official date for his return just yet, seeing him back on the court is a good sign that means we should see him back sooner than later.

In even more encouraging news, it appears the Wizards will be getting two more players back soon as well, according to Michael Lee:

Trevor Ariza has been out since hurting his hamstring back on November 13, and Chris Singleton hasn't played the entire year after he had surgery on his foot back in September. The only issue the Wizards face now is figuring out how to dole out minutes, now that everyone's healthy.

UPDATE: Randy Wittman said Ariza will be back and starting on Tuesday against the Lakers, but there's still no timetable on Porter or Singleton's return, according to Michael Lee.