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Magical Pixels, Wizards vs. Raptors: Same ol' song and dance

Stop us if you've heard this before: The Wizards' bench lost them a game. Stop right there.

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I think the Washington Wizards have established a pattern, wouldn't you say? It goes something like this: The game starts, and the Wizards either hang with the opponents' starters or build a lead. Then the Wizards' backups come in, and everything goes to hell. Then the starters come back in, and they pick up the bench's mess, either getting back into the game or building another lead. Eventually, John Wall & Co., appear like they might flat out collapse on the court, at which point Randy Wittman grits his teeth...

And sends in the cavalry, except his cavalry is comprised of eight-year-olds wielding pool noodles, Bichon Frisés with hip dysplasia, and Eric Maynor. The Wizards followed this formula to a tee Friday, losing 96-88 to the Toronto Raptors while scoring 27 and 32 points in the first and third quarters, respectively, and 11 and 18 points in the second and fourth quarters, which is typically when Wittman says, "Holy crap I might literally kill Wall/Bradley Beal/Nene/Marcin Gortat if I don't sub them out."

To be fair, the bench should get better once Trevor Ariza and Al Harrington return from injury, if for no other reason than because it can't possibly get any worse. And hey, assuming he's still alive, Otto Porter could help, right? Right?? Ok ok, now I'm stretching.


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CSN Washington's J. Michael outlines the problem with Washington's bench: No one can score except Kevin Seraphin, and he's an abject disaster.



Coming into last night's game, Wall was shooting less than 36 percent on the season. Friday. he went 15-for-21 and scored 37 points, and somehow the Wizards lost. Perhaps even more importantly, Wall only has two assists, as his normally-reliable outside shooters, Beal and Webster, shot a combined 3-for-13 from deep (10-for-29 overall).

Add up everyone's plus/minus from last night, and collectively, the Wizards' starters put up a plus-12, while the bench recorded a minus-52. Holy $#!%.


I would not say no to that.


Is there any better representation of how this game felt to Wizards' fans? (H/T @ananth_pandian)?

Gortat even scared Ariza.

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