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Wizards Wrap: Can we all agree Jan Vesely is better than Kevin Seraphin?

In today's Wrap, everyone finally concludes #Airwolf is better than #SeraphinLife, Nene apologizes, and Otto Porter lives up to his reputation as the most boring interview in town.

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To Washington Wizards' fans, it borders on blasphemy to talk positively about Jan Vesely, but can we all at least acknowledge that the Airwolf is at this point simply a better player than Kevin Seraphin?

Seraphin might be more skilled in the post, but he doesn't/can't pass and takes so many bad shots and commits so many turnovers that he's basically a net negative while on the court. Sure, Vesely can't score unless if it's at the rim, but at least he's aware of that and rarely attempts bad shots. He keeps the ball moving on offense, and is actually a plus player on the break. At worst, the two are a push defensively, and I'd argue Vesely is actually better given that he can disrupt passing lanes, guard pick-and-rolls and force turnovers with his length and quickness.

OK, with that off my chest, let's get to today's Wrap:

  • To start off, we'll stick with the theme of people finally coming to reason vis a vi Vesely. Welcome aboard the #WolfWagon, folks. [Wizards Insider | CSN Washington | Wiz of Awes]
  • In case you hadn't noticed, Randy Wittman has been going with energy guys off the bench lately. [CSN Washington]
  • It didn't take long for Nene to apologize for his comments that the Wizards' young players need to "get their heads out of their butts." [BF | CSN Washington | Monumental Network]
  • But maybe he didn't have to, considering the Wiz played so much better since Nene's outburst. [Washington Post]
  • The Big Brazilian has picked up his play individually, as well. [Wizards Insider]
  • A few days after writing that Nene's comments were aimed at John Wall, Jason Reid wrote that Wall needs to continue playing well for the Wizards to succeed. Talk about a bold take. [Washington Post]
  • Truth About It's Kyle Weidie landed an interview with Otto Porter for the Washington City Paper, and if you think you don't know much about Porter, don't worry. Apparently, there isn't much to know. [Washington City Paper | TAI]
  • Remember when Porter bought a homeless man a sandwich, and it was awesome? Apparently Garrett Temple did something similar, and it was similarly awesome. [CSN Washington]
  • Is Bradley Beal the perfect shooting guard? [Truth About It]
  • Beal says teams have been more physical with him during his sophomore season. It hasn't worked. [Wizards Insider | CSN Washington]
  • After nearly blowing a huge lead to the Cavaliers, the Wizards obviously need to work on closing out games. [Umair's analysis | Washington Post | Monumental Network]
  • One tip could be: When in doubt, give the ball to Nene. [CSN Washington]
  • Nene talks about his play over the last week, and tonight's game against the Raptors. [Monumental Network]
  • Wall, Beal, Nene and Marcin Gortat make up the Wizards' contingent on the 2014 NBA All Star ballot. [CSN Washington]
  • Two of those Wizards were featured in Week 3's Shaqtin' A Fool. [Beyond The Buzzer]
  • Nice piece on Washington's budding star backcourt. [WJLA]
  • Beal sat down for a fun webchat with Henry Abbot. [TrueHoop]
  • More on tonight's Wiz-Raptors matchup. [BF | | Daily Wizdom | RaptorsHQ]
  • Beginning tonight, the Wizards' will play three straight back-to-back sets. [Wizards Insider]
  • The Wizards held a players-only meeting prior to the Timberwolves game, and it worked.
  • Coach Nick breaks down how Wall's defense almost lost the T-Wolves game. [SB Nation]
  • John Converse Townsend blamed the Wizards' 2-7 start largely on Wall's reluctance to drive towards the hoop. [Truth About It]
  • Wall admitted he needs to get back to attacking the basket rather than always settling for open jumpers. [SB Nation]
  • Mike thinks Wall may have found the right balance against Minny.
  • You know you want to watch highlights of Wall and Beal destroying the Timberwolves.
  • Ted was pleased with his team's perfect performance from the free throw line against Minnesota. [Ted's Take]
  • Trevor Ariza is still batting a slight hamstring strain, but he isn't expected to miss much time. [Wizards Insider | CSN Washington]
  • Ariza can take off as much time as he likes if he keeps producing brilliant R&B lip syncs. [DC Sports Bog | CSN Washington | Jocks and Stiletto Jill]
  • Maybe he can show some love to Macklemore, who performed at Verizon in a Wall jersey. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Ariza's injury has bumped Martell Webster back into the starting lineup, where we already knew he was pretty comfortable. [CSN Washington]
  • We're all glad to see Webster starting again, because it means mean mugs. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Speaking of Webster mean mugs, this video is adorable and all, but someone should probably call child protection. Note: That's a joke. Don't call child protection. Webster looks like an awesome dad. But seriously... [That NBA Lottery Pick]
  • Al Harrington has joined Ariza on the injury report with a sore knee. [CSN Washington]
  • Gortat is hoping to rediscover his midrange jump shot. [CSN Washington]
  • Tucked away inside this mini-Wojbomb was the revelation that the Wizards tried to initially trade Emeka Okafor for Omer Asik, but the Rockets turned them down.  [BF | Yahoo! Sports]
  • If Wittman wasn't on the hot seat at 2-7, he probably isn't after two straight wins, either. [USA Today]
  • FWIW, Wall and Beal recently gave Wittman a vote of confidence, which probably set Randy's pants on fire. [Wizards Insider | CSN Washington | Wiz of Awes]
  • Remembering how bad things looked only two games ago.
  • Looks like fans were ready to fire Ernie and Randy after the 2-7 start. They may still be, actually. [Truth About It]
  • Many did, but not everyone was ready to call the season over at 2-7. [Wiz of Awes]
  • Wall rejected notions that the 2-7 start was due to preseason pressure to make the playoffs. [Washington Post]
  • After two straight wins, is it too early to say the Wizards are on the verge or a breakout? [HoopDistrict]
  • Chad Ford thinks the Wizards are better served tanking the season. Say wut? [ESPN]
  • Kevin Broom broke down the Wizards' month-by-month record under Ernie Grunfeld. It ain't pretty.
  • Cool Fanpost on an exclusive "chalk talk" chat with team VP Tommy Sheppard held for partial season ticket holders. Good nuggets include Otto Porter evidently nearing his return, and it sounds like the team is ready to let Seraphin and Vesely walk if they don't improve.
  • Beal said his postgame chat with Jarrett Jack a few games ago was a whole lotta nuthin'. [Wizards Insider]
  • A.J. Price was surprised he never even heard from the Wizards last offseason. [Wizards Insider | CSN Washington]
  • We love you, Photoshop Friday. [Truth About It]
  • This is really an article about Chris Paul's MVP-level play thus far, but it notes that Paul is leading the NBA in points created off of assists. Guess who's #2 on that list. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Great look at how the repeater tax is going to completely change the makeup of the NBA. [SB Nation]

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