Meeting with Tommy Sheppard

Prior to Saturday night's debacle against the Cavaliers, the Wizards invited folks who had been partial ticket plan holders last year to a "chalk talk" with Wizards VP Tommy Sheppard. The goal was to entice us to purchase new partial ticket plans this year -- which obviously no one in their right mind would do at this point because tickets are already much cheaper on the secondary market. I do not envy the Wizards sales team right now.

Anyways, while Mr. Sheppard didn't have too much insightful to say -- I thought he made some interesting points that the greater Wizards community might want to hear:

1.) Otto Porter

Estimated that Otto is probably two weeks away. Noted that Otto has been "shooting the heck out of the ball." Said Otto's hip has caused him a lot of pain and really limited his mobility. But insinuated that he is getting close.

Also noted that Singleton is also working his way back "after having a great summer." Great summer?!?

2.) 2014 NBA Draft

Suggested that the Wizards had four representatives in attendance at the Champions Classic. Said that it reminded the NBA community of the Carmelo (Oak Hill) v. Lebron (St. Vincent) high school game. Scouts think that these young guys are the real deal and haven't seen this kind of talent in a long time.

3.) Kevin Seraphin and Jan Vesely

In tough spots because they have better players in front of them. That said, they are in the final year of their deals and if they don’t improve they will be gone and the Wizards will bring in better players.

4.) Emeka Okafor

Wizards didn’t think he was going to play again this year. Up to the Suns now.

There was more – but nothing incredibly insightful. Seemed pretty surprised that the team was off to such a rough start and kept coming back to the OKC game which he said we should have won.

After Cleveland failure, I personally wouldn’t be surprised if Grunfeld and Sheppard got rid of Wittman here pretty soon.

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