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Wizards tried to trade for Omer Asik, but were rejected, according to report

Needing a center after Emeka Okafor's injury, the Wizards reportedly tried making a deal with the Rockets for Omer Asik, but were rebuffed when the Rockets didn't want Okafor back.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

From the sounds of it, Marcin Gortat may indeed have been Plan B (or at least Plan 1A) for the Wizards once Emeka Okafor went down. Plan A (or 1A)? Omer Asik. The Wizards tried making a deal with the Rockets for Asik, but were rebuffed because the Rockets didn't want to take Okafor back, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

Houston and Washington did discuss a deal involving Asik, league sources said, but the Wizards ultimately acquired Phoenix's Marcin Gortat to fill its hole at center. The Rockets had no interest in taking back center Emeka Okafor, who could be lost for the season because of a neck injury.

Such a deal would have required additional pieces coming to D.C. to match salary, much like the three other Suns that came with Gortat and were subsequently waived. It's unclear if the Wizards insisted Okafor be included in the deal or if someone like Trevor Ariza was suggested as an alternative option.

It seems like the window to make a deal for Asik has sailed. The Rockets are looking for an "impact player" in return, though they might settle for a high draft pick. The long-suggested Asik-for-Ryan-Anderson deal has been discussed, but is currently on hold, according to Wojnarowski. The Wizards can't offer someone who can help as much as Anderson.

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