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Nene walks back criticism of team: 'Talk less, do more'

The Wizards' big man apologized for saying his team's young players need to "get their heads out of their [butts]" following the Wizards' loss to the Spurs.

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Nene's outburst following the loss to the Spursdid not really go over well with many on the Wizards, if not for the words, then certainly for the delivery and timing. Thus, Nene said he apologized for making his complaints public.

"What happened days ago was a frustration moment, everybody here is not happy with the circumstance. But what we can do is point to ourselves, point to our mistake, play together. Otherwise, nothing is going to change. It was a frustration moment," he said, via Monumental Network.

"Sometimes you need to calm down yourself, have patience with the moment, with the circumstance. At the end of the day, this is my family, these are my teammates, and we go to the war room together. We need to grab each other's hands and be together. That's what we can do," he said later.

Several people understood Nene's comments, but objected to him going public instead of keeping them in-house.

Those type of comments can destroy your team -Al Harrington

"Those type of comments can destroy your team -- let's just start there -- especially when they feel they aren't warranted," Al Harrington said. "I'm happy he was man enough to come in and talk to the guys that took exception to them. Hopefully, we can move on, because we can't let those kind of things creep into our locker room."

"We understand where his frustration came from. We knew it was nothing he really meant. We know what our capable of as a team and what our goal is," John Wall said. "So when you have something like that, that's something big. Somebody should try to step up. Just keep it in the locker room as much as possible."

Harrington suggested the comments came from the pressure of making the playoffs, but suggested Nene needed to say them in front of the team behind closed doors instead of to media members.

"That's the best way to do it is keep it within. The media, obviously you're good for some things, but to air our dirty laundry is definitely not one of you guys' positives for a team," Harrington said later. "I just hope everybody learns from that, that that's not the way to go. We go over film every day and coaches give a form and open the floor to every player. If they've got something to say, that's the time to say it. I think Nene made a mistake and we've got to move on from it."

We're going to change our attitude. Talk less, do more.-Nene

Nene has vowed to change his approach after all this happened.

"Now, we're going to change our attitude. Talk less, do more. That's what we need to do. That's one thing I need to observe in myself. When you talk a lot, sometimes you bite your tongue," he said.

All quotes via Monumental Network's videos. Click the link to watch the whole thing.

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