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Trevor Ariza injury: Wizards' F likely out vs. Cleveland with hamstring injury

So says the MRI, which means ... day-to-day!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Here's the update from Michael Lee:

J Michael notes that Ariza's MRI revealed no structural damage, leaving him ... day to day. Where have we heard that before?


Trevor Ariza, who hurt his hamstring in the Wizards' loss to the Spurs on Wednesday, will get an MRI on Thursday, according to J Michael of CSN Washington. It's not clear how bad the injury is, but Michael wrote it's "not expected to be season-ending," which ... yay, I guess?

It is a little scary that Ariza said this after the game:

"I felt like a little pop," Ariza said after the game. "It didn't feel the same."

"I asked to stay in because I wanted to see. I told (coach Randy Wittman) I was alright. As I ran again I felt it again. I had to foul him and come out the game."

So this could be an injury that costs Ariza a few games or more. That's not good. Ariza has been torrid from downtown this year, especially from the corners, where he's hitting 52 percent of his shots. His gambling style defensively bothers me, but it also is generally effective at the end of the day. I was skeptical of moving him into the starting lineup, but he has certainly benefited individually.

Now, Martell Webster will need to assume the spot he lost in training camp. This might be good for Webster, who has looked lost on the second unit, but it also exposes an even bigger hole in the depth chart. This hole could be filled by Otto Porter if anyone knew what the heck was going on with him, but not yet, apparently. (Michael does say that Porter is doing individual drills, but has not been cleared for contact. Seriously, what is going on here?). Instead, we might get a sampling of Glen Rice Jr.

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