The Official Randy Wittman Death March Open Thread.

The Wizards are currently 2-5 and in the (somewhat) familiar environs of 15th place in the Eastern Conference. This team was supposed to be good this year. The record doesn't even truly reflect how mind numbingly awful this squad's been in several aspects of the game. So does Randy get his walking papers after tonight's inevitable 30 point loss in San Antonio, or will the team give him until the weekend to salvage his job with a win vs the equally awful Cavaliers?

{Paging Stan Van Gundy... Line three please}

Personally, I thought Randy shoulda been out of a job two seasons ago when his interim contract expired. The man's track record clearly shows he is incapable of coaching a winning NBA team. We knew this when Flip was fired, and we knew this when that Andray Blatche-lead team (read that again and try not to chuckle) went on a fool's gold end-of-season run.

But Randy cannot develop young talent, isn't a defensive guru who can coach a roster of average (aka: Emeka-less) defenders to something approaching league-average results, can't coax a team to win road games, can't get a team to play up to inferior/injury-riddled teams, and the fact that he still actually has a job is indicative of this franchise's inability to do anything right when it comes to personnel decisions. He also has iexplicably yellow teeth for a guy who makes several hundred thousand dollars a year. White strips, bruh. White strips.

I strongly dislike him, and I wish him ill.

Actually, I don't wish him ill. He seems like a really good guy. But he's a really bad coach and he needs to kick rocks if this season is going to amount to anything.

{Paging Lionel Hollins... Line two please}

Before someone inevitably says "well look at the teams in front of us, one more win and we'd be in the 8th spot!", bear in mind that some of the teams in front of us have no business being there and won't be there for long. Brooklyn, New York and Detroit aren't gonna suck forever. Their coaches will figure it out and they'll eventually move up the standings. Their vastly superior frontcourt talent (Detroit), experience (Brooklyn), and early season injuries (Knicks) dictate that something will eventually have to get better. Those won't be a season-long issues. Those teams will get better. I'm not convinced we will, what with Randy and our inept bench. This is a 9-20 start (word to Kornheiser!) just begging to happen. The defense has regressed, none of our non-Wall/Beal draft picks is contributing, and Emeka Okafor is not walking through that door.

Do something, Teddy. For the love of Basketball Jesus and my sanity. Do. Something.

{Paging George Karl... Line one please}

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