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Wizards vs. Spurs preview: When it rains, it pours.

After dropping two in a row, the Washington Wizards get to play the San Antonio Spurs. On the road. In the second night of a back to back. Yeah, sucks to be them. Here's what you need to know.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

This is the kind of thing we were afraid would happen. Coming off their second loss in a row, the Washington Wizards travel from Dallas to San Antonio to play the Spurs in the second game of a back to back. The Spurs are 7-1 and always seem to beat the Wizards. Seriously, check out the box score from the last time Washington won.

Where and when? Tip off is at 8:30 in San Antonio.

Who's out? Washington's going to be missing Chris Singleton and Otto Porter. San Antonio is surprisingly healthy.

Are they good? Very. San Antonio is bringing back almost everyone from a team that was one Ray Allen three-pointer from winning the title. Sure, they're getting older, but Kawhi Leonard is improving at a fast enough rate that he might be able to balance out mild declines from Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli.

Why should I care? San Antonio is the most veteran-y team in the NBA. They don't make mistakes and everyone can pass, shoot and passably defend their position. It will say a lot about John Wall and Bradley Beal's ability to play team basketball on both ends of the court if they can pull off the upset and snap their two-game losing streak.

What are they good at? The Spurs are legendary for their three point shooting. Even if things aren't quite clicking this season, they're going to eventually right the ship. Expect Parker, Ginobli and Duncan to draw the Washington defense in while Danny Green, Leonard and Marco Belinelli make them pay from deep.

What are they bad at? The Spurs don't force a ton of turnovers and they're weak on the offensive glass. For better or for worse from Washington's perspective, this is largely intentional. The Spurs don't gamble and they focus more on getting back on defense than getting second shot opportunities, so Washington's ability to get out in transition could be tested tonight.

Who's going to win? My money is on San Antonio. The Spurs are a great team and should be considered the favorite at home against any team in the league, even Miami. That said, Washington is more or less a veteran team now outside of the backcourt, so with any luck, they won't get creamed the way they have in the past.

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