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GIF: John Wall's blown layup to end Thunder vs. Wizards game

Use the backboard, John.

You could not have scripted a more appropriate ending to a game where the Wizards had a double-digit lead with less than four minutes remaining despite missing 13 free throws, found a way to blow it, then found a way to also blow an overtime lead on the road against the Oklahoma City Thunder, one of the best teams in the West.

Down one with four seconds left, Randy Wittman drew up a beautiful out-of-bounds play. John Wall threw it in, looked like he wanted to go to the middle, then cut sharply to the left while receiving a dribble handoff. He had a clear lane to the rim and was at point-blank range even though he absorbed some contact that is never called late in the game.

And then this happened.


I can hear Hubie Brown yelling in my face. USE THE GLASS, JOHN. USE IT.

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