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Wizards Wrap: Enough already with these injuries!

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Is there anything more #SoWizards than a series of nagging preseason injuries?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

What happens when you let the media loose on an NBA team for the first time in months? Lots o' links, that's what. Incidentally, what happens when you loose an NBA team for the first time in months is apparently a lot of silly injuries, when that NBA team is the Wizards.

  • A couple days into training camp, the nagging injuries were already beginning to add up. [BF | Wizards Insider | CSN Washington]
  • One the plus side, sounds like Nene might finally be healthy after essentially taking the entire offseason off from basketball. [WaPo]
  • Otto Porter sat out camp with a hip flexor injury, but the rookie's veteran teammates made sure he kept his head in practice. [CSN Washington]
  • After struggling in summer league, and now battling an injury, Porter's NBA career hasn't exactly gotten off to a sprinting start, but the Wiz can afford to bring him along slowly. [WizardsXTRA | Wiz of Awes]
  • Despite the injuries, Randy Wittman was pleased with how the team's three-day camp went. [Wizards Insider]
  • Wittman was also happy that Nene, who sat out last year's camp with an injury, and Al Harrington have been able to help mentor Kevin Seraphin. [CSN Washington]
  • Wittman might once again be coaching on the last year of his contract, but Mike doesn't expect that to change much.
  • Hopefully that means we'll still have plenty of #WittmanFace to enjoy all season. [Truth About It]
  • Everything you need to know from Wizards media day (including an incredible glare from the Airwolf). [Truth About It]
  • Vegas has set the Wizards over/under at 42 wins, which seems a little generous [BF | DC Sports Bog].
  • It seems the first thing critics point to when discussing John Wall is his three-point shooting, but Wall said he spent the offseason working on his defensive fundamentals and midrange game rather than his stroke from deep.
  • Wall has embraced his role as a team leader, and it's showing during camp. [Wizards InsiderCSN Washington | District Sports Page]
  • This guy is really excited about Wall. [Saving The Skyhook]
  • What's the best way to encapsulate how fans reacted to the Wizards offseason? As always, the answers is GIFs. [WizardsXTRA]
  • Could Trevor Ariza push Martell Webster for a spot in the starting lineup? [BF | WaPo | CSN WashingtonWiz of Awes]
  • Ernie Grunfeld loves him some veterans. [Truth About It]
  • After an offseason spent regaining his confidence against summer leaguers and Euros, Jan Vesely is back to enjoying basketball, which is probably a good thing given his chosen career path. [WaPoCSN WashingtonWiz of Awes]
  • Some of that joy rubbed off on Vesely's teammates following this monstrous practice dunk. [Wizards InsiderCSN Washington]
  • Apparently Bradley Beal also forgot at some point last season that basketball is supposed to be fun. Maybe these guys should post reminders in their lockers? [WaPoCSN Washington]
  • No one is happier to be playing basketball again than Harrington. [WaPo]
  • Harrington is hoping he won't be asked to help fill in for Emeka Okafor at center. We're hoping that, too. [CSN Washington]
  • Most Wizards fans would be pretty happy if the Wiz made the playoffs. John Townsend is not most fans. [Truth About It]
  • GW alum Pops Mensah-Bonsu (the guy Vesely dunked on a couple links ago) is hoping his fifth shot at an NBA roster spot is the charm. [CSN Washington]
  • Josh Childress is also hoping to make his NBA comeback with the Wizards. [Truth About It]
  • Presumably the Wizards were in camp to play basketball, but they're also squeezing in a little football (the American and European versions).
  • #SeraphinPuppies needs to be a thing. [That NBA Lottery Pick]
  • Forget chicken or the egg, which came first: Wall's music to drown out Nene's video games, or Nene's video games to drown out Wall's music? [Monumental Network]
  • The Wizards have hired longtime 76ers executive Tony DiLeo as a scout. [BF | CSN Washington]
  • Could Jason Collins end up on the Wizards' roster again? [ESPN]
  • AJ Price has landed with the Timberwolves. [CSN Washington]
  • Someone tell Derrick Rose's mom to watch out. [ESPN Chicago]