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Nene injury: Wizards' center hurts calf in loss to Pistons

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And thus, it begins.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Sounds like this isn't serious.

But Wittman and Nene have not been on the same page with injuries before.


Yup, it took one game for Nene to conjure up another nagging injury. The Wizards' big man apparently hurt his left calf during Washington's 113-102 loss to the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, according to CSN Washington's J Michael.

The injury happened after Nene's third jumper early in the game, according to Michael. Nene stayed in and played 30 minutes, so I'm not sure it's so, so serious. But from the sounds of it, there's a chance Nene could end up missing time, which would vault Marcin Gortat into the starting lineup sooner than expected.

It really isn't clear why Nene keeps having these little nicks and bruises. Is he not in as good a shape as he should be? Maybe, but I don't know for sure. Is he overdramatizing the common aches and bruises you have during an NBA season? Maybe. The most likely scenario is that he's getting older and has spend many years banging around in the paint against taller players, and those body blows are piling up.

Either way, it's scary because he still has several years left on his contract. Hopefully this ailment goes away quickly.

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