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Wizards to decline fourth-year options on Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton, according to report

The Wizards will reportedly decline large fourth-year options on Jan Vesely and Chris Singleton, putting a wrap on a disastrous 2011 NBA Draft.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In what comes as little surprise, the Wizards will decide to not pick up 2014-15 options on Jan Vesely or Chris Singleton, according to CSN Washington's J Michael. Even fourth-year options are often a formality for rookie prospects, so the Wizards' decision is an admission that neither player has turned out as they expected.

The move does clear a good deal of salary off the books for next summer. Vesely would have made $4.2 million next season had his option been picked up, according to Sham Sports, which is far more than he's currently worth. Singleton, meanwhile, would have made $2.5 million, which is also more than he's worth, though it's less of an overpayment.

This means the Wizards are slated to have a good deal of cap space next summer. If they decline qualifying offers on Kevin Seraphin and Trevor Booker, the Wizards will have a total team salary of around $44 million. If the cap comes in close to $60 million, that'll give Washington around $16 million in cap space, enough to lure a max-level free agent if they choose to sign in D.C. Yesterday's trade of a first-round pick for Marcin Gortat only adds to that projected cap space because the Wizards, unless they falter this season, won't have the rookie's cap hold on their roster.

There is still a chance that Vesely and Singleton get re-signed to smaller salaries next summer, as the now-Pelicans have done with Al-Farouq Aminu. However, this is likely an admission that both players were disappointments, moreso in Vesely's case than Singleton. The Wizards had three of the first 34 picks in the 2011 draft. Three years later, it appears they'll have nothing to show for that.

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