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Cavaliers vs. Wizards game time, TV schedule and open thread

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Looks like the Wizards are playing tonight about as healthy as they have been all preseason.

Projected starting lineup for Washington tonight is John Wall, Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza, Trevor Booker (DOUBLE TREVOR ACTION), and Nene.

Cleveland's sitting a few of their folks this evening, but it should still be a pretty good and evenly-matched game. Projected starters for the Cavaliers tonight: Kyrie Irving, Jarrett Jack, Alonzo Gee, Tristan Thompson, and Anderson Varejao. Dion Waiters is sitting out tonight. Subtle twist in the lineup, though: Irving is starting at SG while Jack's taking the PG reins tonight. That seems like a pretty creative use of the preseason, since Irving should get used to playing off ball. If only the Wizards ever did that with John Wall. Who knows? Maybe they will tonight.

The game is in Cincinnati, Ohio at the U.S. Bank Arena. If you're in Ohio, you can catch the game on FoxSportsOhio. If you're like me and live in the DC area, you'll have to catch the game on WFED 1500 radio. Sorry folks, it's not televised.

If you need to spy on the enemy's blog for any reason, head on over to Fear The Sword. They're good people.

Go Wizards!