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Fact-checking Bradley Beal's St. Louis hat allegiance

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As the Cardinals get ready for the World Series, St. Louis native Bradley Beal is making sure everyone knows who he is rooting for on the diamond. But did he exaggerate his claim about only showing love for his home city?


Everything is turning up Bradley Beal right now. Not only is Beal currently third in the NBA in points per game so far this preseason, but his hometown St. Louis Cardinals are back in the World Series. As you'd expect, he's very excited:

While it's nice to see Beal excited, I think he might be taking things a little too far here. Can anyone claim 100% allegiance to one team on their head? Let's investigate.

OK, so that's a Chicago Blackhawks hat. Last I checked, the Blackhawks are NOT in St. Louis. However, St. Louis is close to East St. Louis, which is in Illinois, where the Blackhawks play. Besides, Beal is probably too busy playing basketball to remember who plays where in the NHL anyways.

UPDATE: As terpsDC and Satchel Price point out, that's actually Boston Braves hat, not a Chicago Blackhawks hat. The Boston Braves played baseball. They did not play baseball in St. Louis.

This is a picture of Bradley Beal wearing a sombrero. Nothing to argue about here.

I'm pretty sure the Raiders never played in St. Louis, but Al Davis did move the Raiders a lot. Maybe they were in St. Louis for a couple of years and we're forgetting about it because of our East Coast bias.

OK, I know this looks like a Cardinals hat, but I think the photo is messing with us here. If you take out the filtering, that orange looks a lot more like cardinal red, and that giant M is just an illusion the St.L logo creates from a distance. Nothing to see here.

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