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Otto Porter injury: Wizards' rookie still hurting, will get update Monday

Otto Porter will meet with team doctors Monday to determine the status of his injured hip, but admitted that "it still hurts" over one month after the initial pain began.


Otto Porter tweaked his hip in a pickup game with fellow teammates on September 14, and has not played or practiced since. He missed all of training camp and the beginning of the preseason, so thus far, his rookie season has consisted of nine really underwhelming quarters at the Summer League. That's not good.

The latest on that injured hip isn't especially good either. Porter and Chris Singleton will both visit with team doctors Monday to know for sure how bad the injury is, but this isn't an especially good sign. Via Michael Lee:

"Just to make sure nothing is out of whack," Porter said. "It still hurts. I've got to heal. It's not healed yet. That's the only thing keeping me from getting out there on the court. I just got to rest and take time to heal."

Us Wizards fans have seen this script before.

ACT 1: Player suffers what appears to be an insignificant injury and is told that rest will solve it.

ACT 2: Player listens and rests. Player doesn't get any better.

ACT 3: As time goes on and the fanbase gets frustrated, player gives an interview where he admits things haven't improved.

ACT 4: Player goes for a checkup and it is discovered that the injury is worse than expected.

It would be most excellent if Otto's Monday checkup did not follow this script.

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