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Heat vs. Wizards game time, TV schedule and open thread

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Bienvenido a DC, Miami.


2013/2014 NBA Preseason
October 15, 2013
Verizon Center
7:00 p.m.
CSN, 106.7 The Fan
Projected Starting Lineups
Mario Chalmers PG John Wall
Dwyane Wade SG Bradley Beal
LeBron James SF Trevor Ariza
Udonis Haslem PF Trevor Booker
Chris Bosh C Kevin Seraphin
2012/13 Advanced Stats
90.5 (23rd) Pace 92.1 (15th)
112.4 (2nd) ORtg 100.2 (30th)
103.8 (9th) DRtg 102.8 (5th)
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Same guys out as have been out. But it's preseason! It's time to tinker with the rotations! Let's have fun with it all! Plus, in preseason, we get to hone our commenter skills for the regular season, just as the players are honing their basketball skills for the regular season. We are just like professional athletes! Woohoo!

We've got two of our best guys covering the game in-house, and we've got another one of our best guys covering the game from home. The rest of our guys are lazy, good-for-nothing, so-and-sos. I mean, Go Team Go! (Also, I am one of the so-and-sos).

Any predictions for the game tonight? Drop them in the comments.

Go Wizards!