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Wizards Wrap: Otto Porter is one classy dude

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Well done, rook.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Whoa, there's been a lot of Wizards coverage in the last seven days. Let's get right to it...

  • We're going to lead off this week's Wrap with an awesome, feel-good anecdote involving Otto Porter helping out a person in need. Because I'm a silly sentimentalist, this already justifies his selection at No. 3 overall. OK, not really, but it is really nice to read stuff like this. Worth noting is that Porter obviously sought zero attention for this, but it's rightly garnered plenty of attention on the interwebs. [WaPoBall Don't LieProBasketballTalkHoyas.comWUSA9NY Daily NewsHuffington PostSaving The SkyhookRant SportsNESNComplexMetro (UK!!)The League NewsBlackSportsOnlineThe Victory FormationCollege SpunNBA Lottery Pick]
  • Unfortunately, a hip flexor injury has delayed Porter's on-court debut. [BFWaPoCSN Washington]
  • John Wall and Nene looked good, but the bench couldn't make anything happen against the Nets' reserves in a 111-106 overtime loss to open the preseason. [BFWaPoCSN WashingtonTruth About ItDistrict Sports PageWiz of Awes]
  • How'd the game make it into overtime, you ask? Why, because Glen Rice Jr. is awesome. [BFWaPo]
  • Too bad you didn't get to watch it if you live in the D.C. market. [BF]
  • However, you will get to watch tomorrow's preseason matchup against the Bulls in Brazil. Go figure.
  • Ted seems to be blaming Comcast SportsNet for Tuesday night's blackout. [Ted's Take]
  • Wall expects to see the old Derrick Rose tomorrow. [CSN Washington]
  • As you can imagine, the Wizards are enjoying their time in Brazil, with Nene serving as the unofficial tour guide in his home country. [WaPoWizards Insider]
  • Meanwhile the team is taking in the local culture by going out to dinner at one of the district's most popular restaurants (Brazilian restaurants have locations in Brazil, apparently). Also, Jan Vesely appears terrified of Kevin Seraphin's phone. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Great read on Nene's return to Brazil. [WaPo]
  • What happens when you tell a newspaper reporter to take pictures and videos with his phone? Magic, that's what. [Wizards Insider]
  • Here's a running blog of the team's adventures in Brazil. [Monumental Network]
  • Tomorrow's game is also a pseudo-homecoming for Seraphin, the only NBA player from French Guiana, [WaPo]
  • Ted doesn't plan on using injuries as an excuse this season. [WaPoCSN WashingtonWizards Insider]
  • Speaking of injuries, Emeka Okafor is rehabbing his neck injury in New York. [WaPo]
  • Could Wall take advantage of Jrue Holiday's move to the Western Conference and claim his first All-Star nod? [SI]
  • Randy Wittman wasn't happy about how many turnovers his team had against Brooklyn. [CSN Washington]
  • Neither Vesely nor Seraphin exactly took hold of the starting power forward spot against the Nets.
  • Vesely did help clean up the boards, though. [CSN Washington]
  • Seraphin admitted to being a bit nervous in the preseason opener. [CSN Washington]
  • Power forward might not be as big an issue as the Wizards' bench.
  • Nene looked healthy against the Nets, but he says Wittman still needs to limit his minutes. Great. [BFCSN Washington]
  • Tom Ziller isn't sure how the Wizards can expect a playoff birth after making only minor additions to a squad that went 29-53 last season. [The Hook]
  • You've gotta check out Umair's awesome breakdown of the Wizards' triple baseline screen.
  • In case you hadn't noticed, Wittman can be pretty blunt. [CSN Washington]
  • Mike Harris believes the Wizards are cursed, and that it's Karl Malone's fault. [WashTimes]
  • BNIE takes a look at the Cavaliers in his latest edition of Path to the Playoffs.
  • Ted don't like prima donnas. [Bog]
  • Nor does he think much of projecting win totals. [CSN Washington]
  • We're not the only ones who think Vegas might have overstated its over/under for the Wizards. [ESPN In$ider]
  • Still, the oddsmakers like Washington's chances of making the playoffs. [CSN Washington]
  • NBA advanced stats maven Wayne Winston has the Wizards as one his most improved teams for 2013-14. [ESPN]
  • Martell Webster is serious about his pregame naps. [Bog]
  • Vesely and Chris Singleton are among the players at risk of having their rookie-contract options declined. [SB Nation]
  • It appears Trevor Ariza has the inside track to start at small forward over Martell Webster, but should the Wizards be looking to trade him instead? [Wiz of Awes]
  • The Wizards seem to be comfortable with holding each other accountable. [CSN Washington]
  • As the owner of team that's been through it's own name change, Ted might have some insight into the current controversy surrounding the Redskins' name. Wait a minute...nope. [Bog]
  • The first preseason game seemed to reinforce impressions following the Wizards' open scrimmage last week. [BFTruth About It]
  • Jason Collins remains out of work. Is there anything to that? [CSN Washington]
  • Have you gotten your Wizards' season ticket holder scarf? [Bog]
  • Josh Childress went back to school before returning to the NBA. [WaPo]
  • Man, Joe Theismann has been saying cute things since forever ago. [Bog]
  • If you didn't get enough of Wizards Media Day, TAI's got you covered.