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Nets vs. Wizards game time, TV schedule and open thread

Discuss tonight's game here.

Alex Trautwig
2012/2013 NBA Regular Season
January 4, 2013
Verizon Center
7 p.m.
CSN, 106.7 The Fan
Projected Starting Lineups
Deron Williams PG Garrett Temple
Joe Johnson SG Bradley Beal
Gerald Wallace SF Martell Webster
Reggie Evans PF Nene
Brook Lopez C

Emeka Okafor

2012/13 Advanced Stats
87.9 (30th) Pace 91.4 (19th)
106.6 (11th) ORtg 95.3 (30th)
106.3 (21st) DRtg 103.8 (10th)
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WASHINGTON -- First, click here to read a transcript of Andray Blatche's entertaining media session. Randy Wittman's thoughts:

"He's not a part of the team anymore, so I would hope that they would treat him like any ex-player that comes here. Now, when the game starts, we can boo the Nets, but what's transpired from both sides is a parting of the ways that's been good for everybody," he said.

The rest of Wittman's pregame address was mostly dominated by injury talk. Trevor Ariza was hoping to play tonight, but Wittman said he will sit for at least another game.

"Just not quite ready," Wittman said. "There's still some tightness after his workout yesterday and shootaround today."

Wittman wasn't quite sure when Ariza, A.J. Price, Trevor Booker or John Wall would eventually return, but they do appear to be coming soon. Ariza "could be any day," he said. However, Wittman did say that, even when those players come back, conditioning might be an issue.

"You miss a week in this league, trust me, you feel it as a player," Wittman said. "That's always a concern."

I asked if that meant there would be a minutes limit on any of those players when they come back.

"I've got to see where they're at in terms of where their physical makeup is when that decision is made to have them start playing," he said. "Obviously, we have to monitor early on until they can prove they can play the minutes justified. I just don't think I can sit here and say I know if I'm starting any of them right now. I can't answer that."

Discuss the game here.