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VIDEO: Press Row, episode 7, featuring John Wall criticism

This week's episode of Press Row features some criticism of John Wall from Glenn Consor and Mike.

In this week's episode of "Press Row," Thomas and I once again join Casey Phillips to discuss the Wizards' recent losing streak. Our segment begins at the 9:50 mark, and it includes me criticizing John Wall's defense in the past two games and much more.

But before that, Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor deliver a dispatch from the road following last night's loss to the 76ers. (That begins at the 2:58 mark). Coincidentally, Consor was hard on John Wall too.

"I want to see John play-make in a half-court offensive set. What I mean by that is, pull it back out, put guys to spots where he watns them to be. Use the crossover. Use the dribble to cross over and step back. I want to see him be more creative in a half-court set," Consor said at some point.

You can watch the full episode by clicking on the video.