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Ted Leonsis apologizes to fans for poor start

We talked a bit about Ted Leonsis' interview on WTOP, but Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post also transcribed some segments where Leonsis talked about the team as a whole. The first thing Leonsis did was to apologize to fans for the teams' difficult start:

"You can communicate to the fans and say nobody can plan for the loss of five of eight players, especially when you're in the midst of a rebuild," the owner said. "We weren't a veteran team to begin with, that had a strong foundation. But no one wants to hear that. And so, as you communicate that, really it sounds like spin and hype and justification for starting 0-12. We didn't win a game in our first dozen games. And the fans, they're bottom-line oriented. They want you to win. And again, I apologize. There's nothing we can do about that one."

Leonsis also explained his expectation for .500 play the rest of the season and said that he doesn't see any "transformational star" that would come to D.C. in free agency.