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DeMarcus Cousins gave John Wall his space during injury recovery

With the Wizards set to square off against the Kings on Monday night, it's a reminder of the friendship that John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins have from their days at Kentucky. Cowbell Kingdom's Jonathan Santiago resurfaces a quote about how much the two communicated during Wall's injury this year.

When Wall was fighting to come back from injury, Cousins said he reached out to his former teammate. He maintains that he didn't force the issue, knowing that Wall had the wherewithal to weather the storm on his own.

"We don't really have to talk much," Cousins said of his relationship with Wall following the Kings' 95-94 win over the Wizards in Sacramento. "I mean, I kind of know where his mind is when he's in a time like that. I've been around him enough to know."

Wall, of course, was very much in Cousins' ear as he struggled through all his problems with the Kings, Sean Elliot and others. The two clearly have very different temperaments, and that probably explains their bond.